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  • SUPER Spring Cleaning Checklist!

    Tuesday, May 1, 2018   /   by Amanda Bush

    SUPER Spring Cleaning Checklist!

    Looking around feeling like you need to shake off that LONG winter we had? Us too! Spring cleaning seems to be something hanging over all our heads, without a clue as to where to start! We searched around to come up with the BEST complete list of top spring cleaning ideas to get your home ready to FEEL and LOOK the BEST! (Whether you're looking to sell or not!)
    We've made it easy, so check these out:

    Spring Cleaning INDOORS:
    1. Clean dyer vent
    2. Clean inside washing machine *wipe out trays and do an empty cycle with bleach
    3. Empty washing machine drain pump
    4. Dust crown molding and floor molding
    5. Re-seal tile grout
    6. Wash walls
    7. Touch up paint
    8. Vacuum furniture
    9. Vacuum lampshades
    10. Shampoo carpet (DIY or rental)
    11. Clean out or replace air vents
    12. Replace light bulbs
    13. Replace smoke detector batteries
    14. Schedule chimney sweep
    15. Clean out fridge
    16. Organize pantry
    17. Wash sheets and bedding
    18. Organize closets

    Spring Cleaning OUTDOORS:
    1. Power wash deck, siding, driveway
    2. Clean grill
    3. Replace broken bricks and stones
    4. Wash outside windows
    5. Add fresh mulch to landscaping areas
    6. Clean and repair gutters

    What spring cleaning habits do YOU implement? Share with us!