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  • Quick Fix Products for Ugly Problems!

    Friday, August 10, 2018   /   by Amanda Bush

    Quick Fix Products for Ugly Problems!

    Quick Fix Products for Ugly Problems Rust-Oleum Style

    1. Ugly or Dated Countertops

    Kitchens sell a house and countertops sell a kitchen. Turn those dated countertops into something new with Rust-Oleum Countertop Transformations

         2. Ugly View or No Privacy in the bathroom

    Frosted Glass is the best solution to have that privacy but still allow light into the room.

    Rust-Oleum Frosted Glass will give you less ugliness on a budget.

        3. BBQ grills

    In Memphis Tennessee, BBQ Country, staging the outside is as important as the inside.

    If your grill is letting you down then High Heat Resistant Spray is the way to add more years to it’s life.  


    4.    Plain Jane White Kitchen Appliances

    Everyone knows Stainless Steel kitchen appliances appeal more than boring white appliances. Upgrade to a stainless steel look easily with Stainless Steel

     5.   Hot Pink and Mint Green Bath tubes

    Enough Said! Tub and Tile Game Changer


    6. Dated hardware

    Bring those gold Cabinet pulls, light fixtures, door knobs and hinges into the century with

    Universal Metallic Titanium Silver  Spray Paint.